Perform yoga for nine minutes a day to keep yourself healthy: Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi

Report by: Sneha Shah

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Jul 2, 2018 21:45
Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi during the 'Yoga for Doctors' session organised at CritiCare Hospital in Nagpur
Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi during the ‘Yoga for Doctors’ session organised at CritiCare Hospital in Nagpur

Yoga is a science of psychology and philosophy; our internal consciousness meets the universal consciousness when we perform yoga. One should devote at least nine minutes a day for practising yoga to be healthy, said Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi, during ‘Yoga for Doctors’ organised on the occasion of the fourth International Yoga Day on June 20. The event, was organised by CritiCare Hospital in collaboration with Platina Hospital, Sure Life Hospital and Star Hospital at CritiCare Hospital, Dhanshree Complex, Sitabuldi in Nagpur. About 40 nurses and doctors attended the yoga session, which was conducted by Joshi, who’s the founder of Kedar’s Sanatan Yoga Shrine.

During the one hour session, Joshi demonstrated and spoke about different asanas, which can help in proper digestion, curbing constipation, reducing anger, curing spinal ailments, managing thyroid disorder and release of suppressed emotions.

Here’s what Yoga Guru Kedar Joshi said about different problems, which can be solved with help of Yoga!

→ Digestion

“We spend minimum eight hours just to earn one roti, which we fail to digest properly. Vajra Aasana helps in digesting food and is to be practised after meals. There are a lot of scientific facts and reasons behind every asana. Most of us do not even know that we breathe for 45 minutes from one nostril and 45 minutes from another.”

→ Constipation

“To get rid of constipation, one must remember TTK, i.e. Tada Aasana, Tiryaka Taada Aasana and Kati Chakra Aasana. Through yoga both hemispheres of our brain are tranquilized, which results in peace and bliss.”

→ Anger Management

“Anger is necessary during some situations. However, it is important to be calm from inside and angry from outside. To attain that, one must practice Shashank Aasana. Performance of action in relaxation in relaxation in Karma Yoga.”

→ Spinal Cord Ailments and CNS

“To manage spinal complaints it is necessary to practice Dhanur Aasana.”

→ Thyroid disorder

“Thyroid gland and Pituitary gland are important parts of our body.  Simha Aasana practice helps women in managing hyper and hypo thyroid disorder. ”

→ Suppressed Emotions

“We deal with a lot of problems and issues in our daily life and tend to suppress a lot of emotions inside us. To release these emotions, one must practice Kashta Takshan Aasana or The Chopping Wood pose.”

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Yogaachaarya Kedar Joshi also explained in detail the concept of Praanaayaama as he said:

“Praanaayaama is made up of two Sanskrit words: Praana and Ayaama, i.e. a force that provides us a longer life. There are three types of Praanaayaama:

→ Prashaantaka Praanaayaama

→ Naadi Shodhana Praanaayama

→ Anuloma Viloma Praanaayaama , which is an advanced practice of Praanaayaama

People usually confuse Anuloma Viloma Praanaayaama with the basic Praanaayaama. A lot of yoga gurus have accomplished such a strong hold of their muscles that they perform Praanaayaama without putting their fingers on the nose which is the actual Anuloma Viloma. It is to be noted that nontraditional and incorrect practice of  yoga may harm a person’s physical and mental health.”