Young Nagpur BJP leader found dead in Chhindwara

Nation Next Newsroom | Jan 10, 2018 12:25

Atul Dharwal

→ Atul Daharwal, a 31-year-old Nagpur businessman and an active member of  Nagpur’s BJP Youth Wing, was found dead Saunsar in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday night.

→ Atul’s dead body had bruises on it and his face was smashed with stones. Atul was involved in the business of tiles and also owned a gymnasium in the city.

→ Atul apparently left Nagpur on Monday afternoon with his friend Shiva from his residence at Satranjipura, Nagpur. When his family members tried to call him thereafter, they could not reach him.

→ As the news of Atul’s murder spread, many shops in Gandhibagh and Itwari area were closed down.

→ It is being reported that Atul’s marriage was fixed recently with a girl from Madhya Pradesh and he was going to get married on February 7, 2018.