Runaway couple attempts suicide at police station as girl’s parents decide to take her back home

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 9, 2020 20:32

A young couple, who had eloped from Andhra Pradesh’s Kapada district to Karnataka’s Bengaluru tried to commit suicide by consuming hair dye at Ashok Nagar police station in central Bengaluru, after the couple got to know that the girl’s parents were coming to the city to take her back.

Raj (22) and Aruna (20), who hail from Andhra Pradesh, studied together in a college and dated for six years. After their families opposed their relationship, they eloped to Bengaluru on June 6 and sought shelter at Raj’s Facebook friend Uma’s residence.

Raj called Uma (48) at around 6:30 pm on June 5, explaining that he loves Aruna and that they have decided to elope due to opposition from their respective families. Raj requested Uma to let them  stay at her place and help them get married.

After giving them shelter, Uma suggested that the couple should seek help from a Kannada news channel, whose office is located in city’s Richmond Town. The couple left the house at 2 pm on June 6.

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At around 8 pm, cops contacted Uma and asked her to bring the couple to Ashok Nagar police station saying that Aruna’s parents had lodged a missing person complaint and were coming to Bengaluru to take her back.

While at the police station, the couple allegedly consumed hair dye and collapsed. The police immediately rushed them to St. Philomena’s Hospital for treatment. A case has been registered against the couple under Section 309 of Indian Penal Code.

A police official said that the girl and boy were free to marry each other since both are adults. Police will be counselling the couple’s parents after their arrival to resolve the matter amicably.