Young fan walks 900 kms in 18 days to meet Akshay Kumar in Mumbai

Nation Next Newsroom | Sep 1, 2019 17:32

Akshay Kumar with with the young fan Parbat

In order to meet his favourite star Akshay Kumar, a fan walked 900 kms in 18 days to meet the actor in Mumbai on Sunday. The fan named Parbat walked from Dwarka in Gujarat to Mumbai.

Akshay shared a picture with the fan and wrote and twitter, “Met Parbat today, he walked over 900 kms all the way from Dwarka. He planned it in a way to reach Mumbai in 18 days to catch me here on a Sunday. If our youth use this kind of planning and determination to achieve their goals, then there’s no stopping us!”

Akshay, however also requested his fans to channelize their energy for achieving better things in life. Akshay wrote, “It’s always great to meet you all and I’m grateful for all the love you give me but a request to please not do these things…focus your time, energy and resources in bettering your life, that’ll make me the happiest. Wishing Parbat all the very best.”

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