Youngster tries to kill man over Rs 500 in Panchpaoli

Nation Next Newsroom | May 11, 2018 17:55

The police, on Thursday, registered a case against a 24-year-old young boy for trying to kill a 45-year-old man in Panchpaoli, Nagpur.

On Thursday, at around 11.45 pm, while Mahesh Madhukar Rokde was in his carom shop, Rahul Sunil Dhude from the neighbourhood came at the shop. When Mahesh asked Rahul for Rs 500, which he had given to Rahul as a loan, it made the youngster angry. Rahul, took out a sharp-edged weapon and attacked Mahesh with it and tried to kill him. Mahesh was attacked on his head, shoulders and chest.

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Mahesh later registered a complaint at the Panchpaoli Police station. The police has registered a case against Rahul under section 307 of the IPC.