Youngsters bond over poetry and music at an open mic night at Fuel Headquarters

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 18, 2018 20:32

Quite a few Nagpur youngsters were spotted showcasing their skills and bond over poetry and music at an open mic night organised recently at Fuel Headquarters in Nagpur. The open mic night was organised by Prajwal Bhusari and Atharva Kakde.

Most youngsters presented their original poetic compositions and some of them enthralled the people present with musical renditions. While Ayush Jain’s rendition of a medley of Bollywood songs was loved by people present, Raj Jirafe’s rendition of an Elvis Presly song and his medley of Bollywood songs was also well received. When Erisha Jaiswal sung the theme song of the popular US sitcom ‘Friends,’ it was quite a surprise to see that most of the youngsters failed to recognize the song.

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While poems being presented by youngsters mostly veered around love, Shubham Jain won hearts when he recited his original poem about a martyred soldier and his family. After he finished reciting his poem, Jain told the audience, “Hum sab kaam kar rahe hain. Fark sirf itna hain, hum log Vetan ke liye kaam karte hain aur hamare jawaan Vatan ke liye!”