Youth brutally murdered by five men including two juveniles in Nagpur

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 25, 2019 18:39

A young man was stoned to death in Nagpur's Rajiv Nagar area by rival gang members including two juveniles in wee hours of Wednesday .
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The cases of crimes related to gang wars seem to be on a rise lately in Nagpur. In one such case, a young man named Sandeep Bawankar (22), who reportedly had some cases registered against him, was stoned to death in Rajiv Nagar by rival gang members including two juveniles in wee hours of Wednesday .

While MIDC Police have arrested three men including the two juveniles, it is still in search of two accused named Mukesh Hanwate and Akshay Dayaram Suryavanshi.

As per reports, Bawankar, along with his two friends, had gone to celebrate birthday of a friend at his house, where the accused were also invited. During the birthday party, Bawankar and his two friends went to a nearby hillock to speak with the accused.

During the course of the conversation, a drunken brawl ensued between Bawankar and one of the juveniles. As Bawankar’s friends fled the spot, he was attacked by the five men and stoned to death. MIDC Police later reached the spot in Rajiv Nagar after being informed about Bawankar’s dead body found at the hillock.

As the police swung in action, it arrested three men and are now searching for Hanwate and Suryawanshi. MIDC Police, on the basis of a complaint by Bawankar’s mother Sewagan Hirachand Bawankar (47), have booked the five men under sections 143, 147, 149 and 302 of the IPC.