Zero Gravity organises a self defence camp for girls as part of its #FreeHerFear campaign

Gursshheen Gahllen | Feb 8, 2017 19:33

Zero Gravity - Free her fear (2)
A self defense camp at Ajangaon organised by Nagpur NGO Zero Gravity as part of its #FreeHerFear campaign. (Photo by: Yajnavalkya Jichkar)

Nagpur NGO Zero Gravity which is youth volunteer wing of Dr Shrikant Jichkar Foundation as part of its #FreeHerFear campaign organised a free self defence camp for girls at Ajangaon recently. The camp was organised by the NGO in association with Nation Next as the media partner. Ajangaon which is a village 40 kms away Nagpur has been adopted by Zero gravity to bring about the upliftment of people residing there.

#FreeHerFear campaign has been started by Zero Gravity with an intention of creating awareness and eradicating the instances of eve teasing. At the self defence camp, girls of Ajangaon were encouraged to voice their issues and their concerns were addressed by a team of experts. The basic motive behind organising the self defence camp was to teach self defence techniques to young girls and make them aware of challenging surroundings. It was also organised to prepare these girls mentally and physically for a situation of street harassment, or eve-teasing, which one might encounter or witness in their lifetime.

Zero Gravity - Free her fear (1)
Team Zero Gravity with the girls at Ajangaon. (Photo by: Yajnavalkya Jichkar )

The camp kick started with a karate session, which involved an introductory session on various safety techniques that one can use to avoid being a direct target. Tricks like blocking and use of voice modulations were taught to girls, which can help them give danger signals. The next session consisted of a self defence practical workshop, which showcased postures, stances and hand blocks for better understanding. The practical session highlighted moves which can be used to deal with attackers from the behind and to handle situations where weapons are involved. The defence teachers also taught girls to carry forward the same learnings to their friends and relatives, which will ultimately educate the entire village and make everyone aware and strong and help them deal with the problems they face.