All the Zila Parishad schools in Maharashtra should undergo a structural audit: Rahul Vedprakash Patil

Team Nation Next | Dec 18, 2016 21:09

Rahul Vedprakash Patil, Shiv Sena MLA. (Photo by: Nation Next)

Rahul Vedprakash Patil, Shiv Sena MLA from Parbhani constituency, on Friday during the Maharashtra Legislature winter session 2016 at Vidhan Bhavan, Nagpur, called for a structural audit of all Zila Parishad schools in Maharashtra.

In a media briefing, Rahul Patil said, “In the house today, I sought the attention of the government towards the deteriorating condition of schools in rural areas. In Parbhani and other districts in Marathwada, there are a lot of Zila Parishad schools which were built in 1930s during the Nizam rule. The condition of these school buildings has deteriorated over the years. When I sent a Zila Parishad engineer to do the structural audit of these schools, the results I got were very disturbing. He declared that around 40 schools are risk-prone buildings. Around 1000 students study in these schools. In the coming monsoon, if anything unfortunate happens and if there’s a loss of life, the government will be responsible for it. Today, we are dreaming about cashless and digital India and at a time like this, if the students in the rural areas don’t have a place to sit and study, then in this age of globalization, how will they compete with students from cities and towns. I have requested that a structural audit of Zila Parishad schools in the entire Maharashtra should be undertaken. Building which are at risk should be declared risk-prone and students studying in these schools should be transferred. Also, a fund should be set up for the renovation of such school buildings.”

Video shot and edited by: Himanshu Pal

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