Zomato delivery executive to contest Mangaluru City Corporation elections

Nation Next Newsroom | Nov 10, 2019 14:50

Zomato delivery executive Meghna Das (Photo: ANI)

In an inspiring move, a food delivery executive from Zomato has decided to contest the upcoming Mangaluru City Corporation Elections from Mannagudda ward.

The Zomato food delivery executive Meghna Das started her career as a technical executive and then became a food delivery executive. She has now decided to enter politics.

Speaking of her decision to contest the Mangaluru City Corporation elections, Meghna told ANI: “I had fallen off due to bad roads and there are safety issues also. I was convinced that since I travel a lot every day and know the problems closely, I can serve people.”

Meghna added, “I am contesting from Mannagudda ward (Ward no. 28) on Congress party ticket. I was not expecting to get it, but by God’s grace it happened. I have seen a lot of problems in my ward; I just want it to be the best.”